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We live in a beautiful part of the World that we want to help protect for our children and their children. No matter how small our contribution, we want to do our bit towards protecting this environment. 

Climate change is happening now, so we have used the Carbon calculator on the government's Act On CO2 website to calculate the carbon usage of Cross Park Annex. This shows that the carbon footprint of the building is 2 tonnes and the appliances use approximately 0.5 tonnes. To offset this carbon usage we have invested in an approved offset project that plants trees in Africa. 

Despite our offsetting, we acknowledge that it is better to reduce our carbon footprint, so not only will we be continuing to look for ways of improving our energy efficiency, but we would welcome your support with the following:

All of our light bulbs are energy saving (either compact fluorescent or LED). Please switch them off when they are not needed.
We use environmentally friendly cleaning products to minimise our impact on the quality of our sea and river water. These are also available for your use.
Our gas boiler is a high efficiency combi-system that provides heat to the radiators and hot water on demand. You have full control of the central heating time switch, radiator valves and windows, so all we ask is that you are considerate with your use of the central heating whilst maintaining your comfort.
Water is a precious resource - please treat it as such.
We have installed a water saving device on the toilet to minimise the flush volume.
Devon has one of the best recycling rates in the country that we actively support. Despite this we never cease to be amazed at how much we throw away and the energy taken to produce it.
If you want to arrive by train then provided we are available we will happily pick you up from the train station. Please ask. 

We do not ask that helping the environment becomes an imposition during your stay,  but a small contribution would be appreciated.

So the goal isn't really to save the planet, but ourselves - the Earth will merrily continue on without us if we were gone